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aGroup brings top-drawer smarts and experience. With our extended team of experts, we flex our creative muscle to deliver innovative solutions.



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Ann Bennett Dale
Owner and Founder



Key Collaborations

McGraw + Co
Graphic Design

a.Group Partner


Larry Wilk
Strategist Extraordinaire

a.Group Collaborator


Renee O'Neil
Brand Strategist

a.Group Partner



Here's our process

We listen, listen and listen some more...then, the a.Group process begins

We Collaborate

Asking questions is key.  And, since we love people, we like to pitch a big tent to get to the best answer.

We Research

Yes, more questions!  To test and validate the direction for the best outcomes. 

Our Promise

                                                                      We will bring an outsiders point of view

                                                                      We will push to take calculated that are true to your brand and will move you forward.  

                                                                      We will shoot high - results are a given.  

                                                                      We will quickly grasp what your customer wants from you

                                                                      We will differentiate you from the pack and do so profitably.